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Window Tile Trim
Enhance the look of your windows with our range of Window Tile Trims, exclusively available at Tiles4less. Designed to provide a professional finish to your tiling project, our trims offer excellent protection and durability. With a variety of styles, sizes and finishes to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your tiles. Trust our expertise to provide you with high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Browse our collection today and transform your windows into a work of art.
Classic Square Edge Metal Trim (Pack of 25) - All Sizes
Classic Square Edge Metal Trim - All Sizes
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Window Tile Trim | Widows Tile Edge

Tiles4Less provides a comprehensive collection of window tile trims, catering to the diverse needs and aesthetic preferences of customers. Window tile trims serve to finish and protect the edges of tiles around window areas, ensuring a sleek and polished appearance, while also preventing tile edges from chipping or cracking. These trims are not just functional but also contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of the tiled area.

Classic Square Edge Metal Trim

  • Material: Metal
  • Pack: Available in packs of 25
  • Sizes: Offered in multiple sizes to suit various applications.

    Use & Application: The Classic Square Edge Metal Trim is renowned for its durable and sturdy nature, making it ideal for areas with high traffic or where robustness is crucial. These are best suited for contemporary and modern interiors due to their sleek and sharp aesthetic. The square edge provides a clean and symmetrical finish to the window tiles, creating a refined and elegant look.


Deluxe Round Edge PVC Trim

  • Material: PVC
  • Pack: Available in packs of 25
  • Sizes: Offered in multiple sizes, allowing flexibility in use.

    Use & Application: The Deluxe Round Edge PVC Trim, with its rounded edges, imparts a smooth and soft finish to window tiles. These trims are known for their flexibility and lightweight nature, making them a practical choice for varied installations. The PVC material is resistant to water and corrosion, making these trims suitable for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.


Selection Tips

When selecting the appropriate window tile trim, consider the following points:

  • Material Durability: Metal trims are generally more durable and robust compared to PVC trims.
  • Aesthetic Preference: Choose between square and round edge based on your design preference and the overall style of your space.
  • Environmental Conditions: For areas exposed to moisture, corrosion-resistant materials like PVC are more suitable.
  • Budget Constraints: PVC trims are usually more cost-effective compared to their metal counterparts.
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