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Karndean Looselay
We have a wide selection of Karndean losselay flooring tiles to choose from. Whether you're looking for a traditional wood effect or something more contemporary, we are sure to have the perfect tile for your home. Looselay floooring is incredibly easy to install, and can be laid over most existing floors with no need for adhesive or nails. What's more, it's easy to clean and maintain, making it the ideal choice for busy households. So if you're looking for a stylish and practical flooring solution, why not explore our range of Karndean looselay tiles today? You won't be disappointed.

Karndean Looseelay | Karndean | Looselay

Karndean, a name synonymous with luxury and innovation in flooring, presents the Looselay range – a collection of luxury vinyl tiles that offer both style and practicality. In this category overview for, let's delve into the array of products within the Karndean Looselay range.

Palio Rigid Series

Perfect for those in search of a robust and long-lasting flooring solution, the Palio Rigid series features tiles measuring 170mm x 1211mm. Not only durable, these tiles also offer a modern finish, ensuring that your rooms look sophisticated and stand the test of time.

  • Practical Use: Ideal for areas with a high footfall, such as lounges, corridors, and commercial environments.

  • Selection Tip: If your area experiences heavy traffic, the Palio Rigid series is a top pick. The uniform dimensions also grant a flawless appearance to expansive spaces.


Palio Looselay Series (250mm x 1050mm)

Offering a more significant dimension, these tiles (250mm x 1050mm) are for those desiring to create an impact. The larger tile size not only imparts a feeling of spaciousness but also reduces visible joins.

  • Practical Use: Most suitable for larger rooms, open-plan living spaces, and commercial premises.

  • Selection Tip: If you're aiming for a minimalist design, these grand tiles will complement it perfectly.


Palio Looselay Series (510mm x 600mm)

These square-shaped tiles introduce a distinct aesthetic, perfect for those wishing to deviate from conventional flooring patterns. Their size (510mm x 600mm) allows for a range of unique layouts.

  • Practical Use: Tailored for areas where you're keen to craft bespoke patterns, such as children's bedrooms, art studios, or focal areas in commercial settings.

  • Selection Tip: Think about your room's layout. These tiles are fantastic for crafting eye-catching patterns and are great for spotlighting certain areas.


Palio Gluedown Series

Karndean's Gluedown range prioritises precision and endurance. With tiles of 178mm x 1219mm, this series is for those desiring a permanent flooring solution.

  • Practical Use: Best for settings where sturdiness is key, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial areas with potential liquid spills.

  • Selection Tip: If you're in the market for a long-lasting floor and wish to sidestep regular maintenance or adjustments, the Gluedown series is spot on.


Palio Gluedown Plus Series

An extension of the Gluedown range, the Plus series offers the same exactness and resilience but with an added splash of luxury.

  • Practical Use: Best for rooms where you desire the solidity of the Gluedown range but with a more luxurious finish, such as posh suites, premium retail areas, or grand residences.

  • Selection Tip: Choose this series when you crave the perfect balance of durability and lavishness.

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