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Grey Gloss Floor Tiles
We offer a wide selection of grey gloss floor tiles to suit any budget. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern finish or something more traditional, we have the perfect tile for you. Our grey gloss floor tiles are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. They're also easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy your new floor for years to come. So why wait? browse our selection of grey gloss floor tiles today and find the perfect match for your home.
Onix Marble Effect 1200mm x 600mm - Gloss Grey (2 per Box)
Onix Marble Effect 1200mm x 600mm - Gloss Grey (2 per Box)
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Grey Gloss Floor Tiles | Glossy Grey | Floor Tiles

Welcome to the Grey Gloss Floor Tiles category on Tiles4less, where we offer an exquisite range of high-quality tiles to bring elegance and functionality to your floors. As Grey Gloss Floor Tiles experts, we're thrilled to guide you through our selections, detailing their practical uses and helping you choose the perfect option for your specific needs. In this category, you'll find products like Arezzo Gloss and offerings from CR Whitehall like the Ash Travertine Effect and Pearl Travertine Effect tiles.

Why Choose Grey Gloss Floor Tiles?

Grey gloss tiles are synonymous with timeless elegance and easy maintenance. Their reflective surface amplifies light, making your space look larger and more inviting. These tiles are also incredibly versatile, working well in various settings, be it a modern kitchen, a chic bathroom, or a grand entryway.

Practical Uses

  • Kitchen Floors: Arezzo Gloss Tiles are excellent for modern kitchens where easy cleaning and stain resistance are vital.
  • Bathroom Floors: The travertine effect tiles from CR Whitehall provide a slip-resistant surface, ideal for wet areas like bathrooms.
  • Living Rooms: All the grey gloss tiles in this category can effortlessly adapt to your living room’s aesthetic, providing both durability and sophistication.


Guidance on Selection

  • For Modern Settings: Arezzo Gloss tiles, with their sleek finish and minimalist charm, fit well in contemporary spaces.
  • For a Natural Stone Effect: If you love the look of natural stone but prefer lower maintenance, the travertine effect tiles from CR Whitehall are an excellent choice.
  • Size and Proportion: Consider the size of the room when selecting tile sizes. Smaller tiles like the Arezzo Gloss may suit compact spaces, whereas the larger CR Whitehall tiles could be more proportional in larger rooms.
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