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Flexible Self Leveling Compound
Looking for an easy and effective way to level your subfloor before laying tiles? Look no further than our Flexible Self Leveling Compound. This high-quality product from Tiles4less is designed to provide a smooth and level surface for your tiles, helping to prevent cracks and other damage. With its flexible and durable formula, this compound is the perfect choice for any tile installation project. Trust the experts at Tiles4less to provide you with the best products for your next home renovation project.

Flexible Self Leveling Compound | Leveler | Concrete

When it comes to achieving a smooth, flat surface prior to tiling, the importance of a good quality self leveling compound cannot be understated. We offer a range of high-quality flexible self leveling compounds, ensuring that every DIY enthusiast or professional tiler has the perfect product for their unique needs.

BAL Level Fast Levelling Compound

Manufactured by BAL, a renowned name in the tiling industry, the Level Fast Levelling Compound is designed for quick and effective floor leveling. Suitable for a range of substrates and floor types, this compound ensures:

  • Rapid setting: Ideal for projects that are on tight deadlines.
  • Versatility: Can be used on a variety of surfaces, ensuring a flat base for your tiles.


BAL Level Max Levelling Compound

Also by BAL, the Level Max Levelling Compound offers users:

  • High performance: Engineered for maximum strength and durability.
  • Superior leveling capabilities: Ideal for surfaces that require a more intense leveling solution.
  • Suitable for larger areas: Its unique formulation ensures a seamless finish even on larger floor spaces.


Practical Uses

Flexible self leveling compounds are indispensable for:

  1. Preparation for Tiling: Before laying tiles, a flat, even surface is essential to prevent tile lippage and ensure a professional finish.
  2. Overcoming Uneven Floors: They are perfect for correcting uneven surfaces, dips, or imperfections on your floor.
  3. Renovation Projects: Often, older homes might have uneven floors. A leveling compound ensures a modern, flat surface.


Guidance for Selection

When deciding between the different types of self leveling compounds, consider the following:

  • Project Timeline: If you're in a hurry, opt for compounds that offer rapid setting, like the BAL Level Fast.
  • Surface Condition: For heavily uneven surfaces, go with a product known for its superior leveling capabilities, such as the BAL Level Max.
  • Budget: While it's essential not to compromise on quality, ensure you select a product within your budget. Remember, a well-leveled floor is an investment that pays off in the long run!
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