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Coloured Grout
Transform your tiling project with our Coloured Grout collection at Tiles4less. Our grout comes in a range of hues to complement any tile design and add an extra layer of depth to your project. Made from high-quality materials, our coloured grout is easy to apply and long-lasting. Elevate your tiling project with the added sophistication and style of our Coloured Grout - shop now at Tiles4less.
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Tile and Grout
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Coloured Grout | Colour Grout | Grouts

Welcome to the Coloured Grout category on Tiles4Less! Grout plays a pivotal role in the tiling process, not just as a filler to hold tiles in place, but also as a decorative element that can complement or contrast your tiles, creating a unique aesthetic. Let's dive into the array of coloured grout options available on our website, and explore the practical uses of each.

1. Flexible Grouts

  • Ultra Tile 3Kg ProGrout Flexible
    • These flexible grouts are suitable for a variety of applications due to their adaptability. They accommodate small movements and expansions, making them ideal for areas prone to slight shifts or temperature changes.
    • Use Cases: Suitable for both wall and floor tiling, especially in spaces like conservatories or underfloor heating systems.


2. Standard Grouts

  • Dekogrout 5Kg Bag
    • A standard grout option that offers a robust and durable finish.
    • Use Cases: Great for everyday tiling tasks and areas with regular foot traffic.


  • BAL Tile and Grout & BAL Wall Tile Grout
    • Reliable grouts from a well-known brand that ensures a solid hold and a polished finish.
    • Use Cases: These products are ideal for wall tiling in bathrooms, kitchens, and other domestic areas.


3. Rapid Set Grouts

  • BAL Micromax 2 Rapid Set Floor Grout
    • Designed to set quickly and ensure your tiling projects are completed efficiently.
    • Use Cases: Particularly useful for flooring projects where time is of the essence.


4. Pourable Grouts

  • Bostik J200 SGS Pourable Grout
    • This grout has a more fluid consistency, making it ideal for areas where traditional grout might be hard to apply.
    • Use Cases: Best for uneven surfaces or for projects involving mosaic tiles.


5. Wide Joint Grouts

  • BAL Grout Flex Wide Joint Grout Range & BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout - 5KG
    • Specially formulated for wider grout joints. Provides a smooth finish and is resistant to cracks or splits.
    • Use Cases: These are ideal for tiles that have larger spacing, like certain outdoor tiles or decorative indoor tiles.


Guidance on Selecting Grout:

  1. Determine the Joint Size: This will help you decide between standard, flexible, or wide joint grouts.
  2. Consider the Application Area: For areas exposed to moisture, like bathrooms, it's crucial to pick moisture-resistant grouts.
  3. Speed of Application: If you're on a tight schedule, rapid set grouts might be your best choice.


Remember, grout does more than just filling spaces. It adds to the visual appeal of your tiles. Don't hesitate to experiment with different colours to achieve the perfect look for your space.

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