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Blue Hexagon Tile
Elevate your home with our Blue Hexagon Tile collection at Tiles4less. These high-quality tiles in shades of blue create a stylish and serene feature wall or backsplash, perfect for bringing tranquility to any room. Their unique shape and calming colour make them ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. Shop our affordable collection now and transform your space into a peaceful retreat.
Hexa Element Matt Navy (16 per Box)
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Blue Hexagon Tile | Tiles

The allure of tiles can be found not just in their designs but also in their shapes. Blue hexagon tiles, in particular, have been an evergreen choice for many homeowners and interior designers. We present a curated collection of blue hexagon tiles that can easily complement a myriad of spaces and decors.

Hexa Element Matt Navy

  • Size: 230mm x 270mm
  • Tiles per Box: 16

This matte navy blue hexagon tile offers a timeless, classic appeal. The matte finish ensures reduced reflections, providing a more muted and sophisticated ambience. Suitable for both floors and walls, these tiles are perfect for creating intricate patterns or a seamless flow.

Practical Uses

Hexagon tiles, and particularly in the soothing shade of blue, can be utilised in various spaces:

  1. Bathrooms: Being water-resistant and easy to clean, these tiles are a popular choice for bathroom floors and walls. The hexagonal shape adds a geometric touch, bringing in a contemporary flair.
  2. Kitchens: As backsplash or flooring, the Hexa Element Matt Navy tiles can redefine your cooking space, making it more vibrant and elegant.
  3. Living Spaces: Incorporate these tiles in sections of your living room or as an accent wall to introduce a fresh perspective.
  4. Commercial Spaces: Businesses looking to bring in a modern yet classic touch can opt for these tiles in lobbies, bathrooms, and even as wall accents.


Guidance for Selection

Choosing the right tile largely depends on the ambiance you aim to set, and the function of the space. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Understand the Space: For smaller spaces, these tiles can provide a sense of extended area, given their geometric nature.
  2. Match with Decor: The Hexa Element Matt Navy tiles, with their muted finish, can complement both modern minimalistic decors as well as more traditional settings.
  3. Durability Needs: Given their robust nature, these tiles are apt for areas with heavy footfall. However, always consider the underlayment and ensure proper installation for longevity.
  4. Budget: While exact prices may vary, always compare the price per square metre to ascertain the best value for your project.
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