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Achieve perfection in every detail with Tiles4less - your go-to destination for premium Bathroom Grout. Our collection offers an exceptional range of high-quality grouts that will elevate your bathroom project to the next level. With a variety of colours and finishes available, you can easily achieve a sleek and modern or a classic and timeless look for your bathroom. Designed to be durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean, our Bathroom Grout is the ultimate choice for your bathroom project. Create a space of unparalleled elegance - shop our Bathroom Grout collection now and let your imagination run wild.
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Tile and Grout
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Bathroom Grout | Grout | Tile

When it comes to achieving the perfect finish in your bathroom tiling project, selecting the right grout is as crucial as the tiles themselves. Tiles4Less offers an extensive selection of grouts suited for various applications in the bathroom. Here, we'll guide you through our product offerings and help you make the best choice for your tiling needs.

Flexible Grouts

Suitable for areas that might experience slight movements or expansions, such as areas exposed to moisture fluctuations.

  • Ultra Tile ProGrout Flexible: Supplied by INSTARMAC, this 3Kg pack is available in all colours, making it versatile for various design requirements. It's best for both wall and floor applications and ensures durability.
  • Dekogrout: Provided by BENFER, the 5 Kg Dekogrout bag caters to those who require more product for larger spaces. This flexible grout also comes in various shades to match different tile designs.


Standard Tile and Wall Grouts

Ideal for walls and areas that don't undergo significant stress or movements.

  • BAL Tile and Grout: An all-in-one solution by BAL, this grout is suitable for a range of tiling tasks in the bathroom.
  • BAL Wall Tile Grout: Offered in multiple sizes, this specific grout is optimised for wall tiles, ensuring a secure and polished finish.


Specialized Floor Grouts

Perfect for areas that require rapid setting or unique application methods.

  • BAL Micromax 2 Rapid Set Floor Grout: This is a specialty product by BAL tailored for those who need a quick setting grout for floor applications. To know more about its features and pricing, customers are encouraged to enquire.
  • Bostik J200 SGS Pourable Grout: A unique offering by BOSTIK, this pourable grout provides ease of application, especially for larger surface areas.


Wide Joint Grouts

Designed specifically for tiles that have wider gaps or joints between them.

  • BAL Grout Flex Wide Joint Grout Range: This range by BAL is curated to fill wider gaps seamlessly and provide a durable finish.
  • BAL Grout Flex Wall Tile Grout - 5KG: Another variant from BAL, this grout ensures that even wall tiles with larger gaps get the perfect finish.


Guidance on Selection

The selection largely depends on the type of tiles (wall or floor), joint widths, and specific requirements like rapid setting. Always ensure the grout colour compliments your tile choice. For specialised products or unique application areas, it's advisable to consult with a tiling expert or contact Tiles4Less for detailed advice.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional tiler, Tiles4Less ensures that you find the best grout to match your requirements and achieve a flawless bathroom finish.

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