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Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick - 310ml

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The fermacell Jointstick greenline is a hazard label-free, moisture cross-linked polyurethane-based, ready mixed adhesive. The adhesive does not foam up during the setting process; it is tough-elastic once hardened.

For jointing square edged fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards for walls and ceilings and for jointing fermacell Powerpanel H2O in high humidity exposure areas - class A0 (pursuant to ZDB info sheet). Not suitable for the subsequent filling/bonding of joints.

Features and Properties
  • No hazard label, low in harmful substances and emissions - tested by eco-Institut Cologne
  • Free of isocyanates, plasticizers, silicone and solvents (pursuant to TRGS 610)
  • Easy to use - bonds and fills joints at the same time - optimised application for walls and ceilings
  • Special applicator nozzle that dispenses the correct amount of adhesive right in the middle of the joint
  • High joint strength
  • No cracks in the joints when applied correctly
  • Full board strength even for un- supported horizontal joints
  • Easy cleaning of material, tool etc.
  • The ready mixed adhesive is easy to apply; the special applicator nozzle provides the correct amount needed, right into the middle of the joint
  • If applied correctly, Fermacell Jointstick provides a high strength joint, without any cracks.
  • Size: 310ml
  • Colour: Beige
  • Coverage: 20 linear meters
  • Drying Time: 18 - 36hours for best results
  • Ensuring perfect results for any application; this joint stick is part of an accessories range for installation of Fermacell Fibreboards
  • It is recommended, when working with Fermacell Jointsitck that protective gloves are worn and that skin, eyes, tools and clothing do not come into contact with unhardened adhesive
  • If this does happen, immediately wash with water and soap


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick used for? The Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick is a jointing compound used to fill gaps and joints between Fermacell boards and other building materials. It is designed to provide a smooth finish that can be painted or wallpapered over.

How is the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick applied? The joint stick can be applied with a putty knife or trowel, and should be smoothed out to ensure a consistent finish. It is recommended to apply the jointing compound in a thin layer and to wait for it to dry completely before sanding or painting over it.

Is the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick eco-friendly? Yes, the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick is an eco-friendly product made from natural gypsum and recycled paper fibers. It is free from harmful substances and emissions, making it a sustainable choice for construction and renovation projects.

Can the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick be used on other types of boards? While the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick is specifically designed to work with Fermacell boards, it can also be used with other types of boards such as plasterboard, cement board, and wood-based panels.

How long does it take for the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick to dry? The drying time of the jointing compound can vary depending on factors such as humidity and temperature. However, it typically takes around 24 hours for the jointing compound to dry completely. It is recommended to wait for the compound to dry completely before sanding or painting over it.

Is the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick easy to sand? Yes, the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick is easy to sand once it has dried completely. It is recommended to use a fine-grit sandpaper and to sand in a circular motion to avoid leaving scratches on the surface.


Customer Feedback

The Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick has garnered positive feedback from customers who have used it. Many have highlighted the product's ease of use and professional-looking finish, as well as its eco-friendly nature. Customers appreciate the low VOC content and natural ingredients, which contribute to a minimal dust production during application.

The Joint Stick's effectiveness and environmentally friendly credentials have been commended by numerous customers, who have found it a suitable alternative to traditional jointing compounds that often emit strong chemical odors. Users have also been pleased with the neat and smooth appearance of the finished product. The Joint Stick is designed for use with various joint widths, although some customers have reported difficulties when working with larger joints.

While the Fermacell Greenline Joint Stick may not be the quickest drying option on the market, its eco-friendly ingredients and professional results have made it a popular choice among customers. Despite some challenges when handling larger joint widths, the majority of users have found the Joint Stick to be an effective and environmentally responsible jointing compound, and they would recommend it to others in search of a sustainable option.

Size 310ml
Coverage 20 linear meters
Drying Time 18 - 36hours for best results
Colour Beige

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