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2mm Notched Trowel

2mm Notched Trowel

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Looking for the perfect tool to help you with your tiling project? Look no further than the 2mm Notched Trowel.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this trowel is designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing you with the support you need to get the job done right. Its 2mm notches make it ideal for spreading adhesive and laying tiles, giving you precise control over your application and ensuring a flawless finish every time.

Key Features

  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Aluminium Handle
  • Wood Grip
  • 6 Spot Weld Mounting Rivets
  • Notch Size: 2mm
  • Blade Size: 280 x 115mm


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tile can I use with this trowel? This trowel is suitable for use with a wide range of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.

Is the handle comfortable to hold? Yes, the handle of this trowel is designed to be comfortable and easy to grip, even for extended periods of use.

How do I clean the trowel after use? It's recommended to clean the trowel with warm water and a mild detergent after each use, and to dry it thoroughly before storing. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage the trowel.

What material is the blade made of? The blade of the 2mm Notched Trowel is made of carbon steel, which is known for its durability and strength.

What is the handle made of? The handle of the 2mm Notched Trowel is made of aluminium, which is lightweight and resistant to rust and corrosion.

How many mounting rivets does the trowel have? The 2mm Notched Trowel has six spot weld mounting rivets, which provide added stability and durability.

Is this trowel suitable for both indoor and outdoor tiling projects? Yes, the 2mm Notched Trowel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor tiling projects. It's important to use the appropriate adhesive and waterproofing products for outdoor applications to ensure proper adhesion and protection against water damage.

Can I sharpen the blade if it becomes dull? While it is possible to sharpen the blade of the 2mm Notched Trowel, it is not recommended. The blade is made of carbon steel, which is harder to sharpen than other materials. It's best to replace the trowel if the blade becomes too dull to use effectively.

Can this trowel be used for both wall and floor tiling projects? Yes, the 2mm Notched Trowel is suitable for both wall and floor tiling projects. However, the size of the trowel needed may vary depending on the size and type of tiles being used and the adhesive being applied.

Can I use this trowel for installing glass tiles? While the 2mm Notched Trowel can be used for installing glass tiles, it's important to use an adhesive that is specifically designed for glass tiles to prevent any damage or cracking during the installation process.


Customer Feedback

The 2mm Notched Trowel has received excellent feedback from customers who have used it for their tiling projects. The trowel's high-quality construction, with a carbon steel blade, aluminum handle, and wood grip, has been appreciated for its durability and comfortable grip.

Customers have found the trowel's 2mm notches to be a game-changer when it comes to applying adhesive and laying tiles. The notches allow for precise control over application and ensure a flawless finish every time. Customers have also noted that the 2mm Notched Trowel is an essential tool for any tiling project, and they would highly recommend it to others looking for a reliable and high-quality tool.

In summary, the 2mm Notched Trowel has received positive feedback for its durability, comfortable grip, and precise application. Customers highly recommend it to others who are looking for a reliable tool for their tiling projects.

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