How to Use a Tile Cutter in 8 Easy Steps!

How to Use a Tile Cutter in 8 Easy Steps!

A tile cutter is a handheld tool that helps you easily and quickly cut ceramic tiles. It’s a great tool to have if you’re planning on doing any sort of home renovation that involves the best tile cutter for porcelain, such as a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom makeover. Here’s a quick guide on how to use a tile cutter.

Make sure that the tile is the correct size and shape for the area you are working on. If necessary, use a measuring tape to measure the tile and mark it with a pencil so that you know where to make your cuts.

  1. First, gather all the materials you’ll need: the best tile cutter for porcelain, replacement blades, safety goggles, gloves, measuring tape, pencil, and of course, your tile. 
  1. Put on your safety goggles and gloves. Measure and mark the tile where you need to make your cuts. 
  1. Fit the tile into the cutter so that the cutting line is lined up with the blade. 
  1. To score the tile, put pressure on the handle and run the blade along your marked line. You should only need to do this once.
  1. Next, snap the tile along your scored line by putting pressure on either side of the tile and bending it until it snaps in two. If it doesn’t snap easily, score the tile again before trying to snap it again. 
  1. Apply pressure to the breaker bar until the tile snaps in two. If necessary, adjust the position of the breaker bar and repeat this step until you have a clean break. Repeat steps 3-5 until all your tiles are cut. 
  1. When you’re finished using a tile cutter, clean up any debris and put away your tools. 
  1. Use a file or sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on your newly cut tile. Congratulations, you've successfully cut a tile using a tile cutter. That’s it! You’ve now successfully cut tiles using a tile cutter!

Cutting tiles can be a tricky task, but with a little practice, you'll be able to do it like a pro! Remember to take your time and be careful not to apply too much pressure when scoring the tile otherwise, you might crack it. Once you've scored the tile and positioned the breaker bar correctly, applying pressure should cause it to snap cleanly in two. And if you need to smooth any rough edges, simply use a file or sandpaper.

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